Miss Teen Australia

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Brittany Bloomer is the Official Miss Teen Australia Host 2012

Miss Teen Australia - Official Fake Tan Sponsor - Fake Bake

Official Fake Tan Sponsor - Fake Bake

This year Miss Teen Australia’s Official Fake Tan Company is Fake Bake.
Fake Bake is popular in both the USA and UK - with lots of  media exposure.  Fake Tan is always the preferred way to get a beautiful healthy glow as opposed to sun baking. Fake Bake provides a natural non streaky glow that makes the girl’s look like they have just come off an island! 

We are very excited to have Fake Bake Tan on board. We spoke to one of the Miss Teen Australian Entrants - Emma to ask for her opinion on these products.  
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Miss Teen Australia - Official Hair Care Sponsor - Nak 

Official Haircare Sponsor - Nak

This year Miss Teen Australia’s Official Haircare Sponsor is Nak.
Nak is an all Australian haircare company. Nak provides  the professional hairdressing industry with good quality products  that are versatile, innovative with a wide  range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling and finishing products. 

We are very excited to have Nak Hair Products on board. We spoke to one of the Miss Teen Australian Entrants - Shae to ask about her experience using this product.

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With the Grand Final completed, we all said our farewells to each other.  Sad but what an amazing time we have experienced at the beautiful Voli Voli Resort, Fiji. Wonderful friendships have been made and the support between the girls was exceptional. 

I truly wish all the girls the best for the future, , especially those who are going through their HSC studies.

I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future - and will continually post our updates on this blog.

Also, I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the sponsors that contributed to make Miss Teen Australia a spectacular event! 

• Tourism Fiji
• Voli Voli Beach Resort
• Fake Bake Products
• Nak Hair Products
• Candy Time - Madison NY Watches
• Hosting Oz

The Grand Final

The Grand Final for Miss Teen Australia was spectacular! The girls all looked absolutely beautiful after being made up by a professional Fijian make up artist. I was excited about taking part in the event as MC.  The audience was full of  supportive parents that  had flown from Australia  with their daughters for support..  The owners of Voli Voli Beach Resort decorated the walkway  as the girls arrived with beautiful frangi pangi’s and coconut shells matched with the beautiful sunset in the background. 

I initiated the event by welcoming and thanking  everyone  for attending the event and showing their support. Jade (choreographer / sound) organised the girls to do a routine and catwalk as an opening number - big wow factor here.  Great job Jade!

The girls paraded in their bikinis, followed next by formal gown ware and question time. For some contestants, this random question time can be a bit nerve racking.  The questions were challenging! For example; if you were to ask the prime minster one question what would you ask? These girls were asked these kind of questions on the spot - which can be tough under the pressure.

The girls all completed the random question successfully and I was so proud of them! I couldn’t help but smile when I saw them walking back on stage - they all looked beautiful in their evening gowns!

Finally, time for the  judges to calculate the final scores. They had a hard job here…..who to chose when they were all so beautiful! 

A huge congratulations to Alia Burt who won Miss Teen Australia 2013 - I am certain that she will be a positive role model for teenagers all over Australia. WELL DONE ALIA!!!


Day Three

This morning we woke up to another beautiful Fijian morning. The view of the ocean, quite breathtaking. Breakfast as usual, healthy and delicious served by the wonderful, friendly Fijian staff. After Breakfast, 
 the girls were told to prepare themselves for a photo shoot with photographer Aroha Smith. The photo shoot would take place around the resort and the girls would get individual shots . Whilst some girls were getting their photographs done I set up my camera near the beach ready to conduct some interviews. I made sure I picked amazing backdrops - which was very easy to do given our location! I asked the girls questions regarding their  experience as a contestant  in Miss Teen Australia. Also, if they enjoyed their stay at Volivoli Beach Resort and lots more questions along those lines. Girls impressed me with their confidence whilst being interviewed and filmed - natural stars!

In the afternoon , the girls were asked to choose  Miss Congeniality. Only it was done in Fijian style! This process is conducted in a manner where the girls select another girl who they feel has been very kind to them along the journey. I have heard of previous stories where a past winner was selected as she helped another entrant get over her fear of flying by holding her hand the whole flight to Fiji. Thats quite a heart warming story! 

The girls wrote their choice on a  blank piece of paper who they felt should be Miss Congeniality - it was similar to what they do on Survivor however they weren’t voting anyone off.  

After Miss Congeniality voting was completed, we all headed down to the main beach area where we were greeted by a group of Fijian dancers .They presented us with a series of different dances which was a way of formally welcoming us. It was a great performance and was also quite amusing! The Fijian men did one particular dance where they would ‘pretend to be asleep’ half way through, then all of a sudden jump up and scare us all. It was very amusing how many of the girls screamed! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for the Grand Finals. The girls had a professional hair and make up artist come in to the hotel - Health & Beauty Spa Sashi - and they all looked amazing! It was clearly going to be a tough job for the judges! 

Snorkelling Adventures

This afternoon we went on a snorkelling adventure. It was tremendous  fun and a totally new experience for me. We had a Fijian captain who drove us to a nearby island with beautiful coral surrounding it. The boat ride there was my favourite, lucky I don’t get sea sick! 

Once we anchored far off from the coral, we all put our equipment on and had a bit of a laugh at how silly we all looked. Soon after, we dived into the crystal blue water and swam towards the coral, accompanied by  Gavin (Founder / CEO of Miss Teen Australia) . We all kept in a group which was a good idea, as we all felt a lot safer.  
The reef was absolutely beautiful with colourful fish that looked very similar to the friends off Finding Nemo, electric blue starfishes and lots of unique shaped coral too. It was sad to leave the coral, and of course a little bit scary swimming through the deep water back to the boat . We all swum very fast through,   literally gasping for breath by the time I reached the boat -  (I could literally hear the Jaws theme song in my head whilst I swam back)

On our way back to the resort, Gavin gave us a go driving the boat under his supervision which was another new and exciting experience. 

Day Two

This morning  we all woke up in the beautiful Voli Voli Resort and we couldn’t be any happier! We started the day with a fruit platter then made our way down to the beach where we begun our daily activities. 

The Miss Teen Australia girls all took part in their first photo shoot which took place on the beach. I knew straight away that the images would turn out great - thanks to the stunning models and beautiful location!

After the photo shoot all the girls took part in a game of volley ball - which was quite a laugh! 
Kayaking was my highlight of the day - all the girls were so entertaining to watch when they first boarded their kayaks. They were trying to capsize each other then finally realised how to paddle properly - and impressed us all by beating us by miles!! 

After all the fun in the sun, the girls enjoyed some afternoon tea then started getting into work, learning choreography for the final show. I got to sit back and watch the girls learn their routines. They did a great job and I looked forward to watching the final performance. 

Day Two